Friday, August 6, 2010

Penny Round Tiles

The research & inspiration files for the 'french inspired' bathroom continue. We are on the hunt for a neautal coloured tile that will add a textural element to one of our walls & perhaps the floor in the ensuite! In my hunting i have become quite interested in these 'penny round' tiles!
How amaaazing are the metallic ones in the kitchen!!

on the floor...not a bad idea!

oh i like this pale blue colour...

oohh LOVE this bathroom with carrara marble penny rounds!
The decorative mirror is another aspect on the list for our bathroom!

so..penny rounds...what do you think?
anyone seen any great textural/shaped tiles out there lately that dont cost $600m2 (yes we found some for that price!!..sadly not in our budet!)


  1. Oh, I love. I have just found one for a client. Not penny round but a "ribbon mosaic" its devine.....I have a pic but its doesn't do it justice. I will wait to take more photos when its up. I have the name somewhere in the office...I will post it later if you like. Really neutral with a bit of subtle bling.

  2. Love, love, love! I saw some of these lately, and I'll try to find the supplier. Btw, Sarah Richardson is quite partial to a penny round, so you must be on the right track! Love the blue ones - I'm obsessed with that colour, and lots of my new paintings will feature that very hue! Will go look for the deets now. K xx

  3. Love penny rounds, but the grout is nearly always a problem! So sad (I never want to clean a floor with a toothbrush EVER AGAIN)!

  4. Kerri - how amazing are her bathrooms! This one with the carrara tiles is hers i think!
    Love the mirror too!
    Elements - would love to see them!
    Tricia - good point...maybe we'll stick to walls!

  5. Sal, they may not be a chic, by why not go with the traditional small hexagon bathroom floor tiles. They look just as great! Love the Penny rounds though.

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