Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New chevron calling cards @ Made By Girl

Saw these goooorgeous new calling cards that Jen has in her shop at Made By Girl they only went up for sale yesterday! With my 'side work' increasing by the day i think i may just have to make a purchase :) I have always loved Jen's stuff & infact hers (along with apartment therapy) was one of the first blogs i ever discovered & inspired me to start my own! Plus you gotta admire a chick that has made such a successful business doing something she (& we) loves! aaahhh now i feel all inspired!


  1. Think I best be getting me some of these! KG

  2. I adore these as well, Sal. Chevrons make me smile!

  3. Thanks Sally...of course you know i mention whoever writes about my products in my thank you postings! :)))

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