Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chair lift + wedding = awesomeness!

Came across this first image a few months ago & fell in love with it! 
love the grooms air punching!
Dont all of these images make you want to get married somewhere with a chair lift! too cool! ....although given my history with dismounting ski lifts i should probably re think this one!


  1. How cool are these pics? I've had some really hilarious chair lift experiences over the years - my hubby and friend were stuck on one for three hours once, and their backsides were frozen to the seats! To make it even better, we were inside the pub and could see them while we were drinking our wine. Never thought of getting married on one though - great post! K xx

  2. .... with this wedding song playing in the background...."Chair lifts me up where we belong"..Sorry, I know Dad joke.
    I love these images, nothing like a grand entrance or exit for your very special day, why not its only happens once....

  3. For some reason these pics made me laugh! Kept expecting to see a funniest home video moment of the bride falling over!! :)

  4. I agree with Simone .. expected to scroll down and see the groom dangling upside with his foot stuck or something (-:



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