Friday, March 5, 2010

Zebra Rugs....

Love Zebra with a touch of pink or turquiose
Have a look at Sonjas blog above - my new fav to have a daily look at ;)

Ok, this one looks real - lets stick to the cowhide ones & leave the zebras in africa.
Image: Domino.
I loooove this living area - especially that divine blue sofa!
Zebra in neutral this look!
Zebra in its more common opulent interior!

These have been floating around for a while now & i have been consdiering one for my own place resulting in lots of ebay trawling (there are some great buys on ebay by the way)...although there is no floorspace unless i ditch a rug we already have...or if i can come up with a way to get it in somwhere else - some of the stools in these pics look for thought.
Most of them are printed on cowhide, so no need to fret at the idea of having a poor zebra on your floor....they are animal without being too gaudy & look great in lots of different interior styles from beachy neutrals to really opulent rich are a few of my fav's........x

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  1. Gorgeous! I love that heaven blue sofa too!

    And thanks so much for the sweet mention!

    S x



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