Thursday, March 4, 2010

Virgin Blogger.... we first post!
This blog is both a creative outlet for me, a way to store all the bits & pieces i find while trawling the net, books, magazines etc & a way for others to reap the rewards of my 3 second attention span!

Sometimes when i get to work in the morning (im an interior architecht from Sydney) before ive check my emails ive had a quick look at my fav design blogs for some inspiration - so i thought why not start my own!

My own little apartment is furnished with everything from Ikea, Ruby Star Traders, Coco Republic (oh to have more Coco Republic...sigh!) to things ive picked up on the side of the road, ebay & on holidays in Mexico, Thailand & Nepal...& a few things my awesome Nanna has given me too!

I hearby endevour to inspire (or help you procrastinate) with a daily post of something chic! Wether it be an interior, something to eat or drink, somewhere to go or something to daydream about....



  1. Hiya Sal!

    Firstly, well done for kicking off your first blog! It looks good, great name, you write very well and loving the grey and yellow colour palette! :)

    Secondly, well, I don't really know what to say! I am so chuffed that my blog, amongst others, has inspired you to begin your own... especially after years of reading others *blush... thank-you for your lovely words!

    Happy blogging my dear, you will LOVE it once you get some momentum and a few more followers, which I am now your second :)

    Son x

  2. Yeah go Sal!! love the blog :)
    Excellent work and very nicely designed. look forward to updates and opportunities for procrastination. haha xx



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