Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Viv of ish & chi's studio before & after!

And after!

From dark & damp to stunning, light & pretty!

I recently saw on old post on the ish & chi blog which i thought was so inspirational!
Alot of us have a room under the house (or the garage) which is a dark, damp storage space.
It might be full of old bikes, books, furniture, camping gear etc or it might be where you've put your laundry.

Viv of ish & chi has transformed such a space in her Sydney home into a beautiful studio and was kind enough to let me share it with you all. Have a look at the results above!
She also did it on a budget - coming in at just under $900!
(her biggest splurge was the antique sideboard she picked up on ebay for $400)

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  1. Under $900.00? Impressive. Although I must say I quite like the basement feel in the 'before' shot too, which you could incorporate a little more to keep costs even lower! I'm a sucker for the warehouse-chic look though!



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