Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Beautiful Bedrooms - Part 2...

Perfect example of symmetry
Bedsides, lamps & mirrors, with the central piece of art behind the bed anchoring it all.

Cute idea for a kids bedroom i think! Nautical meets tree house!

A rustic bed-end contrasting with the sleek white & grey

Old doors as a beadhead!

More symetry & a painted wall behind the bed replacing a bed head!
I also love a bed end if you have the space for it.
You can find one like this at Freedom at the moment (its a coffee table)

Stunning! Rustic & feminnine - one of my favorites!
For french furniture in Sydney try La Maison

Tiffany Blue, i love you!
How beautiful is this room~
Fantastic chandeleir as the central point of the room.

Another favorite (i see a theme here - rustic brick or stone walls, feminine bed, chandelier...)
The mismatched bedside tables work well here because they are both a 'rustic country' look.

Add some colour to a neutral room with a throw or a rug - that way you can change the colour scheme as you please with little cost!

& My own bed!
Trieste from Domayne!

Bold colours & a stiking rug!
These bedsides are from Ikea by the way (Trollstra range)
The lamps are similar to what i have in my own bedroom.

Very glam - velvet french bed, mirrored bedsides, crystal chandleier & sheer drapes behind the bed.

One for the girls!

Great piece of oversized art, great colours, nice arm chair!

I had 2 freinds both email me for some ideas for bedrooms this week!
Here is my collection of bedrooms i find inspiring...
And a few pointers to help you design a fantastic bedroom space....

1. Symmetry
Creates a balanced and stylish look, try a central item like a pendant light as the centre axis of the room and matching bedside tables & a pair of dramatic lamps, these dont have to be expensive - i picked up my 2 white cane 'beachy' looking bedside tables for $10 on ebay & then splurged on 2 fantastic white lamps from Domayne.

2. An area rug
A rug under the bed or at the end of the bed can bring the focus to that area. There are lots of striking rugs ou there that can really make a room. Try Designer Rugs for a splurge or Ikea on a budget.

3. A Statement Bed
Think of what look you want for your bedroom...modern, classic, french, beachy, hotel style etc and then look for a bed that reflects that! I wanted a french/relaxed beach feel to our room & bought an upholseted bed in linen with antque gold studs from domayne with white cane bedsides, lamps & white shutters for the windows.

4. Lighting
I hate bright lighting in the bedroom! Stick to lamps & if you have downlights invest in dimmers!

5. Linen & Pillows
Invest in some good quality linen - you will be on/in it for approx 7 hrs a day!
Pillows, throws, rugs etc add colour & texture - these can be cheaper as you can interchange colours and textures as your taste changes without blowing the budget!

6. Loose the clutter
Clutter does not make for a restful space - hide it in the bedside tables!

7. Televisions
Hmmmm, i have always thought its nice to not have one in the bedroom, but then saying that we went out & got a little LCD last week.
With only one other TV in the house if the cricket/afl/xbox is on there is no Grays Anatomy or Master Chef for me!
Pay that little bit extra to have it mounted on the wall for a slimline look if you have a small room - or disguise it with photo frames & books on a sideboard!

8. Window Treatments
What you have on your windows can change the mood of the room. I wanted a french/beach look so we went with white timber eco shutters plantation shutters. For a more opulent look you could have heavy drapes in a bold fabric, sheers are a soft look or roller blinds a modern look.

My own bedroom is a work in progress, I've got the dream bed, bedsides from ebay, great oversized im toying with the idea of painting the room duck egg blue and getting an antler chandelier.... ill post a pic of it when we moved in & where its at now!

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