Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kaufmann Desert House, Palm Springs......

One of my favorite landscapes is the desert around Palm Springs (California) and also happens to be home to the work of one of my favorite architects, Richard Neutra.

The 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom Kaufmann Desert House was built in 1946 and was designed to emphasise the connection to the desert landscape. The major outdoor rooms are enclosed by a row of vertical fins that offer flexible protection from the heat & sandstorms.

I think it has an air of old hollywood glamour to it - maybe not a coincidence that Frank Sinatras house is just around the corner & another of my fav's (ill post on that another time!)

Critics have recently stated that it is one of the '5 most important houses of the 20th Century'.
I can just see myself by that pool, cocktail in hand at sunset on a hot balmy night...
Although considering it last sold in 2008 for $15 million that will surely remain a dream!


  1. Hey Sal - I love this!
    That's it - you're officially bookmarked!
    Have you seen this photo of the Kaufmann house?

    You should also check out:


  2. Yes i have seen that photo! its great - i couldnt find it when i did the post!
    70's poolside glam! love the white outfit!

  3. He is my absolute favourite architect. I adore adore adore his work.



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