Saturday, March 13, 2010

Swings! .......

Our swinging bed at Boutique beach hotel Zulum in Tulum, Mexico

How divine is this! Would be easy to make too!

Chairs by Patricia Urqiola for Spanish company Kettal

Image: Remodelista

Casa Redonda Puerto Rico

Jay Jeffers indoor swing bench seat - nice idea!

Padma Lakshmi in Harpers Bazaar on her living room swing!
(Ben can i have one???!!!)

Ever since i was little & would rollerskate along my grandparents verandah, launching myself into the big retro swinging pod chair (smashing into the living room windows) i have loved swings & hanging chairs! That particular chair is now in storage for me when i have room for it!

When i saw the picture of Padma Lakshmi last year in Harpers Bazaar, i considered hooking it up to the living room roof!

We were in Mexico 2 year ago staying at a little boutique hotel on the beach (read 'shack') with an amazing bed suspended from ropes which we thought was awesome...until one of us got food poisoning & wasnt enjoying swinging while in bed!
Still, as a design feature it was gorgeous!

Here is a collection of swings indoor & outdoor i adore....enjoy x
Happy Friday!
(maybe you could make a swing this weekend?!)

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