Tuesday, March 16, 2010

By Popular demand! Bedrooms! Ikeas' best kept secret!

Ikeas Edland Bed

A great beachy look here - a few meteres of sheer fabric can dress up the bed frame.

The simple shelf on the end of the bed is a great look if you have the room.
Good to store & display some favorite books or the winter blankets!
The central pendant light is a nice idea to steal here
Im loving this room - the wallpaper, the footstools, great lamp...and the pool outside!

Exposed brick for a more edgy look.

Check out this modern version of the four poster bed!
And it doesnt cost a bomb - thats right - its from IKEA!

The Edland Bed is $629

The top picture is the Ikea bed from the catalouge & the ones below are some great examples of it (or beds that are identical & surely cost way more) styled up with great linen etc!


  1. Love that bed! Looks so much more expensive than it really is! I love that Ikea is international and something all of us bloggers around the world can bond over. : )


  2. p.s. LOVE your posts so far. I added you to my blogroll. Can't wait to read more!

  3. Thanks Alaina! I love your blog - chuffed to be on your blog roll! thought seeing as we had similar taste id share mine with you!
    & yes - go ikea! mix it up & no one will ever know! btw looove your apartment - nice work ;)



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