Monday, March 29, 2010

Houston we have a dining table!

Happy Monday all!

After a great bargain on ebay on friday night (i got the table & the chairs for $235) we have a dining table!
Not exactly as glamouous as some of the pics i was inspired by, but if i see some great chairs i love more i can just whack these back on ebay
(seeing as the 3 panton chairs only cost me $103!).
Plus it fits without looking too cramped & the chairs are really comfy!
(sorry about the crappy photo - took it on my iphone!)


  1. Ooh congrats my dear, looks great AND what a bargain!!! My hubby and I are going through a bit of a dining table dilemma at the moment too... we have a perfectly good dining table with upholstered benches but are a little over it and can't justify getting rid of a perfectly good dining set. We were wanting to get rid of the benches, keep the table and instead go with the platner wire chairs (we also looked at the panton and Eames chiars)... but it is so hard to find anything here in KL and there is a 4-5 months wait if we order them in :(

    Anyway, so for the time being I have decided to get the fabric reupholstered and then see how I feel.

    Have a great week Sal and enjoy your new table and chairs :) x

  2. What an absolute steal Sal. Incredible! x



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