Monday, October 22, 2012

'The Travels of Vivienne' by Alan Walsh

I recently spoke to Alan Walsh from Custom Canvas Company & the artist behind this delightful series titled 'The Travels of Vivienne'. Alan is an English born artist who resides in Sydney. His love & passion for travelling is obvious in his art; he uses bright & bold colours in a simplistic style depicting iconic locations around the globe. The Travels of Vivienne is his first solo exhibition & follows the glamourous route of a woman travelling through Europe in the 1930's - Summer in St Tropez, paris fashion week & on the boats of Monaco....
I asked Alan what the inspiration was behind the series (apart from the divine French Riviera lifestyle of course!). 

He tells me he was 'really inspired by people finding happiness in their lives; once you are happy in yourself everything else will fall into place. Obviously we are not all lucky enough to travel the world like Vivienne, however if people are having a tough day, I want them to be be able to look at my work & take their minds elsewhere with the glamour, the bright colours & beautiful places - even if just for a moment'.

After recently returning from an amazing French honeymoon these definitely make me smile, thats for sure! 
For more information & to purchase any of these tre's chic prints head on over to Custom Canvas Company
Oh & did i mention how damn affordable these beauties are? Check it out for yourself! x

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