Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have a Nespresso machine at home (which makes great coffee incase you were curious!) and I've been looking for decent looking takeaway cups for the car etc for ages. Came across these babies ($7 each!) in Woolworths last week!
They are ceramic so hopefully they never get dropped! Does anyone know where you can get nice looking plastic ones?

Saw these beauties on Pinterest - would love to know where they are from!


  1. Not sure abou t plastic ones but I will make a special trip to woolworths now. Thanks for the heads up on those gorgeous ones. Maybe try a packaging company they sometimes sell to the public.


    these look pretty cool. I know lots of people at my work use them. And you can actually pick your own colours on that website it looks like...

  3. Only thing I'd add is that I found the plastic cups made my coffee taste like plastic (makes sense!), and then once the plastic taste went the plastic cup started smelling like funny milk...was a vicious circle! I have found ceramic cups, although breakable, result in better tasting coffee.
    Hmm, might go make myself one now. Enjoy!

  4. Hi Sally - I have actually had my eye on those ceramic painted coffee cups for a while! They're hand painted by a Brooklyn artist and sold on Etsy!

    Kate x
    PS your honeymoon looks gorgeous



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