Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Arm Candy

After debating for months about what watch to buy i finally decided on one - went into David Jones, tried it on...then bought it on Ebay from Bloomingdales for less than half the price! The main thing i was worried about was that it'd look to big on my tiny wrists (the only tiny part of me haha) so i made sure i ordered the style that was the 38mm one not the oversized 48mm. I had to laugh when it arrived - they sent me the bigger version (not the smaller one which was listed!!!).  oh well - guess ill get used to it :)


  1. LOVE it! How could I not? He He...
    Love the savings we can make by online shopping too! x KL

  2. Good old online shopping! I love it. Been trying to work out which one I want for ages too! xx



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