Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My weekend....

I have to admit, I've been cheating on my blog with instagram.... i became addicted while i was n hospital recently! If your following me you would have already seen these shots but here are some snippets of my weekend. (I'm salrj if you'd like to follow!)

Went to ikea & got some frames for the prints i bought in Paris!
And also came home with the beautiful orchid!

Went & had a pedicure & was reading an article in Grazia mag about rich kids photos on instagram...was a little surprised to see the image top right....yeah, i designed that pool! 
(Wonder if my clients know their daughters bikini clad bottoms are on display in a national mag...)

Said pool! We chose the tiles to match the colour of the water on a sunny day :)

On saturday night we headed into the city for my sisters engagement party!
i wore my new sass & bide dress :)

After we left we headed to Golden Century for a sneaky late night dinner date!
Love this place, its open till 4am too!

On sunday i spent some quality time with my dog Duke.
(he's a handsome boy isn't he! Husky x Golden retreiver)

And invested in a new skincare regime.
Ive been looking for products that a) work for my dry skin & b) don't break the bank!
After trying some samples of these i think i might be onto a winner?

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