Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Honeymoon snaps - Paris (part deux)

A few more from our week in paris - everywhere you look there is something beautiful to photograph!

Amazing doors everywhere

And then of course there was our day at the Final stage of le Tour de France!
I bought ben tickets to the VIP marquee as a wedding gift (ok, so it was a bit for me too hehe)
It was such a great day - amazing after all these years of watching on tv to be there on the Champs Elysees. There was champagne, cocktails & amazing french food all day & at the end we even got to meet a few of our favourite riders! And of course i wore yellow :) 

Compulsory bike store visits!

And compulsory Laduree Visits! :)

We got around everywhere using the Velib bike system Paris has - basically racks of bikes all over the city that you swipe your credit card as a deposit & can ride from place to place! Such a great system, everyone uses them and you ride in the traffic with the cars & (unlike in Australia) are given lots of respect & room from the cars & busses. One of my favourite memories was riding about 15km back to our hotel from the Eiffel tower at midnight -  the streets were deserted and all the beautiful buildings lit up!

Stocking up for a picnic in the Luxembourg Gardens

Ben walking past one of our fav bistros in the Marais - Les Philosophies

Dinner at Cafe Constant - one of the best we had in Paris!
And only a 10min walk over to the Eiffel tower after!

....Where i had a panic attack on the stairs & could only get to the first level!
 Guess i forgot how scared of heights/falling i am - weird!

Au Reviour Paris - the next day we headed to the magical Loire Valley!


  1. Loving your photos Sally! I absolutely love France - such a beautiful place! Love the prettiness of the Laduree packaging. We are off to NY next week & I can't wait to taste some laduree macaroons. Nel x

  2. We just got back from Paris 2 weeks ago. Cafe Constant was right around the corner from the apartment we rented on Avenue Rapp! We also had a wonderful meal there. Congratulations!! On your marriage and such a wonderful honeymoon.
    PS did you go to Love lock bridge?



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