Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Honeymoon snaps - Paris (part 1)!

I took 1000's of photos while we were in France & Italy - both truly beautiful countries.
I thought id share some of my Honeymoon snaps over a series of posts.
I would move to france in a heartbeat - everything about it draws me in. 
The culture, the food, the landscapes & beautiful buildings, the way people live their lives....sigh....

First up Paris - it was every bit as amazing as id imagined! All the cliches are true!
We stayed at The Hotel Ile saint Louis which was a wonderful central location, with small but charming rooms, 
great cafes & restaurants near by & the prettiest neighbourhood!

The farewell party! Our parents all came out for the 5am departure! Bon Voyage!

The cake the Korean Air hostess organised for us after chatting to her about being off to Paris on our honeymoon! How nice is that! I would highly recommend Korean Air - they were very affordable, great service, entertainment & food! And as part of our fare we had an overnight stay in Seoul at the 5 star Hyatt Regency! Nice!

 Paris, where they sell Champagne (the best types!) with the juice at the corner store! 
(and a bottle of mumm costs $35...sigh...)

Early morning at the Louvre - all by ourselves! Not for long!

The Cafe St Regis - our corner cafe on the Ile Saint Louis.
(Where Rose was cheaper than water!)

I have 100's of photos of shuttered windows - every building is so pretty!

Amazing lunch at Cafe Du Marche on Rue Cler (walking distance from the Eiffel tower!)


  1. beautiful! i love that all your parents came to see you off too...

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