Friday, May 20, 2011

Flower Markets

Im off bright & early to the flower markets today with my mum to pick up a whole bunch of flowers for our party tomorrow night! Its actually 5am as i write this (im NOT  a morning person!!) I did a reccie a few months back in this post....These are the images ill be channeling as i attempt to be awake enough to make decisions at 5:30am! Ill share what we came back with next week! I have to say the first two images i am just in love with - they really derseve their own post!

The Design Depot - PERFECTION! (the lanterns...ohhhh myyyy gosh!)
and you can hire all of this from them too! check out the link!

Ranunculas - a recent discovery

Anna Spiro

Luxe Events

The Shady Fig


  1. Gorgeous flowers, have a wonderful party! ;-)

  2. Stunning bouquets ~ there is a pattern here and it is generosity. Huge bunches of flowers, in generous quantities and jewel colours.

    Hope your party is as pretty as these bunches of flowers!

  3. there too beautiful!
    xoxo emily

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