Monday, May 30, 2011


Detox. I need to do this! 
Not like a full on 'only drink lemon & water 'detox, but more eating less carbs, drinking less wine, eating less cheese & eating more fruit, veggies & water...& doing more exercise & getting fresh air! 
The last few weeks have been crazy at work, then crazy organising for our party (then a good hangover to go with that!). Bens brother & his wife surprised us by coming over from Seattle for our party which was awesome & meant a whirlwind week of late nights out & tonnes of good food & wine.....which has left me feeling a little depleted! So from today i have decided to go on an alcohol ban for 8 weeks (except for the night the tour de france starts where i'll allow myself a few red wines!), get bak into the hot yoga & generally try to control the 'naughty stuff' yes that means you carbs & cheese! I think the cold weather & being inside a lot can make you feel a bit 'blah' too! So now that ive put it out there ill hopefully stick to it....

Do you guys ever feel like this? Whats your strategy?? Any good books you've read? Here are a few piccies that inspire me to live & eat 'cleaner'.


  1. Hello! When I get hungry I make myself a cup of tea - by the time I'm finished I usually forget I was hungry. I also buy this other tea called Total Tea - it's a detox tea. This tea I drink in the morning with breakfast. I guess I'm a tea girl! I also try to start with a healthy breakfast - kind of sets the days pattern.

  2. Well Sal I think you have the balance concept sorted - indulge then return to moderation with a little Bikram thrown into the mix for good measure.
    There's also a wonderful incentive at the end of the eight weeks of modification so I know you'll feel wonderful at the end.

    Loving your images today, particularly the second one - how fabulous would morning starts be if this was the shower that greeted you!?!

    Happy day!

    xx Felicity

  3. OMG Sal you sounds exactly like me! I am such a fan of wine and cheese and good food too! I agree that bikram yoga is amazing - I also love running or hiking outdoors or kickboxing is pretty good if you've got the time...

    As for the detox, I recently tried the Clean and Lean Diet by Elle Macpherson's trainer - it works pretty well! Basically: Cut out all sugar including processed foods and sugar found in carbs - berries every now and then are ok. And eat mostly proteine, green veggies and healthly fats (avocado, smoked salmon, goats cheese!! yum) As long as everything is fresh and as free of preservatives as possible... This is to get rid of toxins in your body. And have 1 cheat meal a week where you binge on whatever you like including wine and chocolate (to kicktstart your metabolism). I lost about 2kgs in two weeks but I realised it's mostly around my waist and due to not feeling so bloated all the time.. Good if you want to feel leaner! X

  4. I think we all get like this at times! You have had a lot of celebrating lately :) Have I missed the pics? I was like this at the start of the year and did the Dukan diet, (basically no carbs) and lost 8kgs. Feel fab and it felt so easy xx

  5. good on you!! I need to do this too. I was so naughty last night and ate a few too many chips lol so gotta be good this week :)

  6. Sal, you summed it up perfectly in your first sentence. Yes. I was nodding RIGHT through that post. PS I did the Dr Joshi 3 or so years back. I literally had the best skin in the universe.
    Hope you're well - getting exciting!!!



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