Thursday, May 19, 2011

Engagement party inspiration

Our Engagement party is on saturday night! Have to say im really quite excited! Only i think my choice of dress might be more suited to the middle of summer & not this freezing weather sydney is having at the moment - hopefully i dont turn into an ice block! here are a  few pictures from the inspiration folder......
haha not the sheep ;)

Style me pretty

Black & Spiro
Love the tub - my aunty has something similar which is actually a french antique & ive been lucky enough to be able to borrow it for the night!

Laura Hooper

La Boom

ooohhh eee im excited!


  1. looks fabulous sal, have a great night!


  2. Have a great night Sal! Get someone to take pics! xx

  3. Love all your inspiration pictures. Looks like it will be a great night! Enjoy!



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