Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THE dress! tick!

I have found my wedding dress!! Im obviously not going to give too much away on this one other than to say its from Karen Willis Holmes & i love it! I had tried on quite a few and all looked nice, and were pretty, but this was the one i put on & felt really excited about & was all 'wow i love this'! Before you go hunting on the website to guess which one it is...its not on there! And its actually a combination of two dresses! Which makes me feel a bit like im the only one who'll wear this exact dress! The girls in the boutique did think i was a bit nuts when i suggested it, but we loved the result! I went to the Paddington boutique & really enjoyed the experiance - They were reccomended to me & i would highly reccomend them to anyone else!

Where did you get your dress from or where would you like to look when the time comes?? Did you know it was 'the one' when you tried it? The funny thing is, when i look at the images of dresses id saved in my inspiration folder, its nothing like any of them! I was just having a look & thought id share some of my favorites as they are too nice to keep to myself!

Vera Wang - the holy grail of wedding dresses!

stop it! these textures are killing me!

So chic!

and again - vera can do no wrong! more vera.

Love the big bow detail & the dramatic black & white! My nanna wasnt so keen on the idea of black on my dress though lol, the bow below would pass the test though!

the detailed lace is divine on this one too!

Gorgeous vintage heavy lace & beading on the Margaret dress by Henry Roth

The lace & shape of this back are so pretty & flattering..... also love the buttons!

Love the fluttery skirt on this one! Sooo cute! I did try on one or two with this type of detail on the skirt which was generally met with snorts of laughter from whoever was with me...kinda swallowed me up! Fun to try on though! I imagine i would have been totally swallowed up by the one below (via honey & fizz) but it is so beautiful i could look at it all day long!

The detailing on the back of this one is so Romatic!

Pallas - another romantic flower/low back detail

Alix from The cherry Blossom Girl's soft & flowy wedding dress, with exposed structure on the bodice - very chic!

love the ivory colour & soft tulle

So - tell me your dress story!!


  1. I too tried on a heap of dresses before finally finding a little boutique which understood was the heck I was talking about (I pretty knew EXACTLY what suited me/what I wanted) and the assistant was like hang on, just run with this...and bought out the exact dress I had in my mind...only it was a black evening gown. But I am having it made in fabrics I choose, as soon as I put it on my sisters/mum/bridesmaids were like YES! That's it!

  2. so exciting sal!

    i don't have a dress story but can imagine it's like finding the perfect pair of shoes only way more fantastic! you just know when they are the ones for you, it just feels right and you can't imagine your life without them...

    wow i love shoes!

  3. How exciting!! Love all your inspiration pics, those nude colours are gorgeous! My wedding dress was the first one I tried on, I made myself try on others but kept coming back to the first one. xx

  4. that's fabulous...its like you get 2 dresses!!
    I went to a few traditional dress shops...but nothing jumped out at me, they all had too much going on...then I went to Aurelio Costarella's boutique in Perth and wham, bam, thank you mam. There were 3 dresses I loved and I could have taken any one of them home. your blog.

  5. I loved the feather dress but not weather i would like to wear such a dress on my wedding It is too fancy . Anyways thnaks for the article it has been fun to read.

  6. Hi Sal! I've become one of your latest followers and i LOVE your blog.
    Congrats on finding your dress, thats very exciting! I too got my wedding dress from Karen Willis Holmes and absolutely loved it! Aren't their dresses divine?! I went to 2 or 3 other bridal boutiques but KWH was def for me. Is Francessa still working there? She was so lovely! I was always so excited going in for my dress fittings. Have fun xx

  7. Hi Kate! Welcome - glad you enjoy it, i definately enjoy putting it all together! YES!! Francesca was the one who suggested the first 'part' of the dress & then obliged when i asked too add the other! She was LOVELY! made it such a fun & nice experiance!

  8. Um hello?! I am only just catching up on all my blog reading and have only JUST seen this post! I don't care about your other readers SPILL to me pleeeease! hee hee :) xo

  9. Francessa is so sweet! I made a few adjustments to my dress and she was so great about it. She also recommended i use a make up artist Jo Cotter for our wedding and she was AMAZING! Francessa has all her details so if you haven't found one yet i would highly recommend her!!

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