Monday, May 16, 2011

Metallic nails?

Metallic or not???
Can your average (not celebrity) joe pull these off??? Theres something enticing about the gold glittery ones...but may end up looking like something from Jersey Shore...opinions?


  1. hot hot and hotter!

    give ulta3 a try, they have some fabulous metallics and the best part is they're only $2.25. I'm in love with metal, envy and snazzle.

    I've got metallic gold nails right now actually, with purple pointers...

  2. My sister used some Sally Hansen nail polish papers that you buff on - she wore the glitter and it looked really neat on her. I think it just has to be on the right person.

  3. I used to wear glitter nail polish when it was really 'in' when I was about 19, haven't since but it's funny you should post about this today Sal as I NEARLY bought this really cool dark silver metalic today, now I wish I had :)

  4. Loving the gold gliter nails. I feel a huge surge of desire for glitter and sparkles this winter!

  5. I literally JUST took my gold glitter nail polish off last night. I used China Glaze Treasure Chest, I got it from Ebay for about $8AUD. It looked amazing!!! Maybe I'm being biased but I loved the way it sparkled. I put on about 4 layers so it was quite encrusted. This is a look I love.



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