Monday, April 4, 2011

Sydney Flower Markets

On Saturday morning i dragged myself out of bed at 5am & headed to the Sydney flower markets at Flemington with my friend emma, i cant recommend it enough! We had great fun & spent next to nothing on a huge amount of flowers! Trust me, one trip here & you'll never buy from a florist again!...unless the 5am start is the deal breaker! You do really need to get there early as by 6am a lot of sellers were already gone! Here are a few pics i snapped on my phone!
i grabbed two if the garden roses at the back!

these were amazing & were only $10 for quite a big bunch!

Tulips were $6 a bunch or $10 for 2!

some of emmas stash!

Boxes of petals for 'sprinkling' or throwing, there were also boxes of full rose heads which were divine!

back at the car by sunrise...looking very attractive at 6am

My haul - could easily have gone crazy & bought way more!

The result of Emmas $23

And the result of my $27!
Very impressed - i highly recommend it!


  1. It looks like THE best way to start the day [well perhaps the timeframe could have been altered] and you both created lovely arrangements.

    The pink roses in your selection are my favourite and I can just imagine your homes both smell divine today.

    Felicity x

  2. Excellent haul! Practising for your wedding??! ; )

  3. You and your friend Emma look pretty darn good for 6am!!! Lovely colours in both lots of flowers, can we see more of both homes (they look stylish from the sneak peek) ;)

    Katy Dirkson

  4. Oh so glad that you went and reported back- I was trying to convince someone to get up at 5am with me hehe.

  5. Oh my Sal .. what would you need that many flowers for .. just checking out the goods for the wedding????

  6. What a haul! I think the early start could be a deal breaker though! xx

  7. This is a good way to start your day indeed!
    love flowers and especially the yellow tulips AMAZING!

  8. The flowers are amazing and I cant believe the bargains! I dont think we have a flower market in Melbourne that is open to the public? Maybe one of your readers know? Have a great day! Miss Walker xoxo

  9. That's the only place I ever buy flowers from, it's amazing and great prices. Love it, and it's not a bad time of year lots of colour.
    Mon, Wed, Fri are the best days to go, all the growers are there so the markets is full. Always buy in season, flowers last the longest.



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