Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding stalking - Chris Judd & Rebecca Twigley

 Just spent some time stalking Chris Judd & Rebecca Twigleys wedding. Drrrooooollll! Join me in marvelling over the amazing dress, bridesmaids dresses & way too good looking couple ;)
Her dress is by J'Aton - not too sure about the bridesmaids but id love to know!

And how amazing are the bridesmaids dresses!


  1. WOW! The dresses are amazing! Who are they by?
    The embroidery is gorgeous - the body helps too :)

  2. I personally loved the boys suits, this week I am on a groom-stalking mission! That doesn't sound creepy right? For MY grooms suits lol

  3. I have these photos saved in my wedding inspiration folder... i LOVE Rebecca's dress but feel it would be too flashy for the simple wedding i have in mind. All the best with the planning! I really enjoy reading your planning post :)

    LEarn. Love. Laugh. Life.

  4. i'd guess the bridesmaids are from j'aton too, looking at the detailing on them, they echo elements of the brides dress.

    those j'aton boys do make lovely gowns, my sister had a dressmaker make her dress which was a copy of a j'aton dress...

    1. can you tell me how much she paid i absolutely love that wedding dress

    2. how similar did your sisters dress turn out to rebeccas?? I love it!!! i wonder how hard it would be to make a copy of it or similar to it..

  5. Love love love these dresses. I have been on the J'Aton website as I also love Ada Nicodemou's (same designer) dress from her wedding a few years ago.
    Rebecca x

  6. I loved her dress too and the colour and styles of the bridesmaids ones - all gorgeous!!

  7. Yes, the bridesmaids dresses are J'Aton too.



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