Monday, March 7, 2011

An interview with Dizzy Wizzy Design!

Earlier this year i was helping a friend look for ideas for her wedding invitations & stumbled over Dizzy Wizzy Design. Based in Western Australia, Dizzy Wizzy is the workings of graphic designer Natalie Sullivan. I was first hooked in by these cute invites! no guesses why ;)

And then found these beautiful ones too!! Swoon!

She also does calendars, calling cards, gift tags & completely customised invitations, where you work with her to create something thats just right for you!

Yeah, i know - how cute are these!

So decided to add Dizzy Wizzy to my wedding inspiration list on my blog!
About 2 weeks later i had a lovely email & phone call from Nat, saying she had just discovered my blog through the extra traffic she'd been getting after i'd added her on my sidebar! Turns out we had a lot in common & had a great chat! Nat has featured a little interview with me over on Dizzy Wizzy Ideas Blog! The night we were chatting happened to be while ben & i were driving down the South Coast, the night before he proposed.... I think you'll be hearing a bit more about Nat & Dizzy Wizzy as i work on our wedding invites ;)

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