Friday, March 25, 2011

Dare Gallery goodies!

We always see our American bloggers raving on about great shops like Z Gallerie & West Elm so i thought id round up some goodies from our Aussie shops! Here are some of my fav items from Dare Gallery.

Bordeaux Dining Table

Recycled Elm stool $189

Bordeaux Buffet $1999

Shanghai Dresser $1199

Republic coffee table $799
(looooove this! would also loooove it in chrome! So chic)

Um wow! what a cool lounge!
I dare someone to get a purple lounge!!! go on!

(Both 'Spacey Sofas' above)

Verve sofa

The new freedom catalouge landed in my letterbox lastnight too & WOW.
There are some faaantastic new items in there!
ill post on it next week!


  1. I wasn't such a fan of the freedom catalogue... it looked like it was trying too hard to be overly styled and there was soooo many designer rip offs in there, especially the thonet looking stuff...

  2. Good call! Glad to see some Aussie furniture being promoted. We do have some good stuff.. not much but some. Well not much I can afford anyway. Dare Gallery couches are amazingly comfortable too. I would do that purple couch in a heart beat! Agree with the comment above too. the freedom stuff looks a little stiff or forced at the moment..

  3. I popped into Dare the other day, such cool stuff! I also visited Freedom after I'd got the catalogue too, and I have to disagree with the other comments, I thought their store looked great and the new ranges are super cool - very different to the previous seasons!



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