Friday, March 11, 2011

My DIY inspiration board!

We all love a good inspiration board! So, inpsired by these great pinboards i saw over on Brynn Alexandra a few months back i decided to have a crack at making my own!

Via Brynn Alexandra..
And heres how i did mine ..........

You'll Need
A corkboard,
Enough fabric to lay over it with some overhang
Spray adhesive & upholstry tacks (i got mine from spotlight)

Upholstry tacks - about $5 a pack & i needed 3 or 4 packs.

First spray the pinboard with spray adhesive - best to do this outside as everything will get covered in a nice sticky film otherwise ;) yuk! I actually admit i didnt use the adhesive, but it would have laid smoother if i did! Then lay the fabric over & smooth out! Trim the sides off leaving about 2 inches to fold around the back.

Tack out the corners & then work your way in! Quite hard to get even but i just guessed & it came out ok!

Ta Da!

.....and here she is hanging up in our laundry!
Looks pretty cool if i do say so myself!...although now its toally covered & you cant see the fabric or the tacks....a bit ironic after going to so much effort ;)


  1. Looks Great- the fabric choice is great too! I was thinking of doing something simmilar for our study XX Samantha

  2. That is great Sal! Looks really good.

  3. I think you did a GREAT job, inspiring me to try one, only I do not have the space to hang one at the moment...

    Scandinavain Decorating Book up for grabs at Northern Light... Anyone interested??

    Northern Light

  4. Looks amazing - you could sell those to us lazy types who don't want to do it ourselves! Did you get my email about the photo?
    -e (

  5. What a great job, that looks great!

  6. yours looks fab, thanks for sharing! straight to the inspiration folder :)



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