Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jen Ramos + Cocoa & Hearts!

Is there nothing Jen Ramos of Made by Girl fame cant do?
She's about to open an online shop to sell her paintings that we often see on her blog in her own home - she shared these on the weekend & im totally smitten! Those colours on the bottom one are to die for! Cant wait for Cocoa & Hearts to open so i can grab one! Infact this bottom one has got me inspired with 'wedding colours'!


  1. I love your blog.Your header pic is fabulous! Found you via Holly Go Lightly...following now...k

  2. She definitely walks the talk when it comes to style and I wondered how long it would be until some of her art popped up in her 'for sale' section.

    Hmmm, wedding hey? Looks like lots of lovely, happy colours will abound!

    xx Felicity

  3. Love the fabulous colors in that artwork...

  4. Hey thank you so much for mentioning this even though it's still in the baby stage hehe
    There's an email sign up on the www.cocoaandhearts.com site for anyone interested in signing up to be notified of the LAUNCH! :)))



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