Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your help needed! A chandelier for my bedroom!

So today im calling out for all of your help!
Since we moved into our apartment we have been planning on replacing the oyster light (yuk yuk i hate them!) in our bedroom with a pendant. We have decided (only 2yrs later) on a chadelier because we have 2 husge lamps shades on either side of the bed & think a third drum shade would look a it wrong (lampshade overkill!) Now i need to choose one in the budget ($300 max). Here is the kind of look im going for & images im inspired by!

Like the clear crystal look of this one with the little white shades over the globes...

Like the all clear look of this one...

This ones quite dramatic but think i want to keep the room light...

Also particulary like this one, crystals with a bit of a  rusty antique look. and just quietly how amazing is this room!

We bought our apartment new, so it really needed a bit of character. We got white timber venetians for the windows on both sides, bed & lamps from Domayne (this was my splurge!)  bedsides found on the side of the road, rug on the floor from urban outfitters (on a trip to nyc)  It has kind of a french/beachy vibe...

The other thing thats been bothering me is the big blank wall behind the bed....was thinking maybe wallpaper but if we hung the chandelier we may eliminate this problem??

so - im thinking i like this Excelsior 5 light chandeleir from Beacon Lighting for $280. Nice & simple so not  to distarct from rest of room & will keep the 'white' theme going...

And for an extra $50 you can get these shades to go over the globes - id get them in white (do i need these??)

or i found this one in a lighting shop in balgowlah - crystals & leaves made out of a soft white tin type of metal..(sorry about the terrible photo!) for around the same price.

What do you think?? Does anyone else know of any good chandeleirs they have seen around? Would love to hear your ideas!


  1. This one looks good and you can't beat the price - otherwise look on ebay for a vintage one! I still think the wallpaper would look fab - love your room btw! KG

  2. Hi Sal,
    there is a shop on Vic rd in Drummoyne that has stacks of vintage ones have no idea about the price but i think it is called vintage glamor or Rozelle markets usually has a few which would be much cheaper they may need an electrician to check or re-wire them but even that shouldn't cost much extra. otherwise i like the excelsior no shades. i think your room has may look too much with the shades?? wallpaper would be cool but may make it feel smaller (as it isn't the hugest room) or a feature painting or photo print. :)
    Good Luck x

  3. I like the first one Sal, without the little shades - don't think you need them with the big shades on your bedside lamps. Your room is so pretty, I love it! Plus you have totally inspired me with the rug at the end of your bed...that's exactly the kind of thing we need in our room! Can I ask where you got it, or where you would get something like it? Liv x

  4. Thanks for the help guys! Exactly what i needed - an outside opinion! I agree - the shades would be too much!
    Liv - Which rug do you mean - the one on the floor at the end of the bed or the on on the bed?
    sal x

  5. YAY... another sneak peak into your home :P Your room is already lovely my dear, once you add the chandelier you'll be almost done! I agree with the others, go the plainer option... the little shades will be over kill! x

  6. What about something a little more out there .. like this one from Theo & Joe

    with a white shade .. pick up the natural fabric of your bed - and just something a little different???

  7. Hi Sally
    I'm kinda feeling a mother of pearl pendant shade. The one in link below is a replica Verner Panton design availiable at Matt Blatt for $395. They have a pretty glow when on and it would speak to the beachy aspects of the room. Only thing is this it may be too big, if so Corporate culture also supply them and offer a smaller size.

  8. Love what you're thinking of going with - I'd say go for it without the shades. Will look forward to seeing a pic of it hanging in your lovely bedroom! x

  9. I absolutely adore the look of a chandelier in a bedroom and I'm trying to convince my husband to feel the same way... Your room looks amazing. Can't wait to see it with your final chandelier choice. :o)



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