Friday, October 22, 2010

Kitchen sneak peak - the 'almost' afters!

Now i know some of you are just as excited by a good before & after as i am, which is why today i just HAD to share a few snaps i took this morning of the kitchen ive been working on ALMOST done...ooohhh so close!
You might remember the old kitchen from this post.
Here are a few photos to remind you....

and here is what its looking like this morning....

The remainder of the doors and the handles are going on today,  the tv is going into the open module in the pantry wall and glass splashbacks & undercabinet lights going in on monday!....stay tuned...


  1. Ooh, looking SO muxh better already my dear...well done! They'll be loving the TV on the pantry wall too :) x

  2. It's looking AWESOME Sal, what a difference! You've done an amazing job, and I'll bet the owners are thrilled - I would be! K xx

  3. Sal .. it looks fantasmagorical!!! Well done. Bet the inlaws are chuffed as can be (-:

  4. Oooohhh, looking good! Can't wait to see the final pics. ;-)

  5. Wow, it's looking so much better I can't wait to see more when it's finished Sal, well done!

  6. Wow! Can't wait to see the end result!



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