Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My latest job - a tricky kitchen space for people who LOVE to cook!

I have been quite busy lately!  Another project ive taken on is the re-invention of my 'in laws' kitchen! This was a tricky project as the space was full of doors & windows to work around!
They LOVE to cook so after living with this not so great space for the last 15 years i was feeling the pressure to give them a fantastic kitchen! After hours & hours of refining our plans, choosing joinery & benchtop finishes, and finding the right appliances (hello enourmous freestanding oven & cooktop!) the build is nearly done!
Here are the before shots!

Minimal storage space (for people that have alot of kitchenware!), paired with the fact that the sink, cooktop and microwave are all taking up bench space resulted in the benchtop being cluttered and their being very little work space...

The doors you can see closet to the door to the balcony is the pantry & beside is the oven that isnt wide enough to fit a large baking tray into...Hello! Christmas ham as to fit in there!

And lets not forget the lovely blue wall that doesnt go with anything else in the house ;) Oh, and the cork floors (the rest of the house is beautiful polished timber)

A small 'breakfast table' up agaist the wall that is only used every so often & is usually the home of piles of mail, newsapers & various other bits & pieces!

Lovely exhaust fan in the middle of the glass above the door...goodbye!

Stay tuned for the 'afters'. The new joinery & caesar stone benchtops are in, the cork floor has been ripped up & the timber below polished. Just waiting on the cupboard doors, splashbacks & the appliances to go in!


  1. I love a good before and after! Can't wait to see what you do with this space. ;-)

  2. Looks rather similar to my house Sal! What possessed the architects of the 70's and 80's i wonder? Really looking forward to your 'afters'! K xx

  3. Can't wait to see what you've come up with Sal! The space has so much potential look look really cool! Jxx



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