Thursday, October 7, 2010

Caitlin Wilson - she gives me the warm fuzzies!

Seriously! Whenever i see Caitlin Wilsons work (of Caitlin Wilson Design - Style Files) i get all excited about what i do for a job!
Her work gives me the warm fuzzies! Its colourful but not over the top, its feminine but looks robust,  its textural, its beautiful & it reminds me why i love being an interior architect!
I hope my clients feel the 'warm fuzzies' about my work at least every one in a while! She is also the cushion master! Every job she does has amazzzing cushions that are perfectly 'fluffed'!
Enjoy some her her eye candy for yourself...

All Photos:

and here are a few shots from her own home in Dubai

and her gorgeous baby Olivias room - what a cutie!

ooohhh so inspiring! Love it~


  1. What a gorgeous array of loveliness.
    I particularly love the images from Caitlin's home.
    Olivia sitting on the bed with a pacifier is the perfect way to 'stop'.

    x Felicity

    PS Pop over to my place [] for the chance to win a special giveaway

  2. Love it! Here home was probably my favourite in yesterday's Abode issue... I must have flicked through her pics at leat 15 times! x



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