Friday, October 15, 2010

Rocking desk spaces

Im a little bit obsessed with home offices..maybe because we only have one bedroom & therefore no room for one! Here are the latest in my collection of rocking office spaces! And boy are these some good ones! Have a great weekend everyone x

Image: Lonny

Image: via Moth Design

Image source unknown

Image via made by girl

Image Style Swoon

Image: Christie Chase

Image: Gingerella

Image: Design Sponge

Image source unknown

Image via Oh Mi Gosh


  1. Love that chair in the 2nd pic. Gorgeous colour and looks very comfy! Have a great weekend xx

  2. It's poor behaviour that you don't even credit the photos that you copied here

  3. I'm apologise, I do have the credits saved for the ones I know. I admit I've been a bit busy lately, have been doing posts in a hurry, and have been slack with my credits & links. I never claim the images are my own though, abs have said they are ones I have collected. Thanks for reminding me. I'll add them tomorrow & to future posts. Please let me know the proper links if you know them & I haven't listed them. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone.

  4. I love the wallpaper in that first pic and the chair in #5. They are all gorgeous office spaces. My study looks like a bomb's hit it at the moment, this post has given me a push to start tidying up a bit over the weekend. Thanks for your lovely comments on my post yesterday x



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