Friday, October 8, 2010

Girly Heaven - Alannah Hills Head Office

Ooooohhh myyyy looord!
Warm Fuzzies on a friday!! 
David Hicks has created Girly heaven in the form of Alannah Hills head office - and would you expect anything less that girly heaven from this woman??

Chandelier & Chair = to die for!!!

LOVE the mirrored splashback & the chandeleir wall light coming out of it!

In the complete opposite spectrum, im off to Canberra this weekend for the 24hr World Mountain Bike Championships, Bens riding in the team event so that should be fun! We will be camping & the guys ride laps in relay for 24hrs (yup, all through the night) - the team with the most laps wins! I'm the support crew ;) not crazy enough to ride my bike for 24hrs straight!


  1. true girly heaven - good luck this w.e! KG

  2. Love all of it!! Good luck for the weekend. That is crazy, I've never heard of riding through the night!xx

  3. No wonder she manages to create such pretty, girly clothes with an office like this to inspire! Good luck on the weekend, (but just quietly, I think you made a wise decision to be the support crew - sounds like an absolute killer!) K xx



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