Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Styling console tables

By now you probably all realise i love a good console table/entry display! Here are a few more styling examples!

Image: Joy Isacc
 How cool are the clam shell & the plates together! 
wouldnt have thought of putting them together but it looks great!

Via Table Tonic

Secrets of domestic bliss

Everything leb

Trisha Brink design

Image: Gingerella

What are the components that make these work?
In my opinion here are some elements to steal for a styling console!
1. Start with a table of your choice
(get on ebay - there are million of great options for next to nothing!)
2. Symmetry
3. A statment lamp, lamps or wall lights (see above!)
4. Artwork such as plates, a map or some framed personal photos
5. A great mirror
6. Fresh flowers - gorgeous anywhere & a nice welcoming touch!

1 comment:

  1. Love the table tonic pic, and the use of the beautiful purple flowers!



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