Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the bandwagon...for, like, ever!

I have jumped on the 'For Like Ever' bandwagon!
As usual it took about 12 months of thinking about it, a few glasses of wine & some internet shopping later for me to buy it! International postage is a bit steep at $40usd (for a bit of paper!) but im lucky enough to have a friend whos husband is a Qantas pilot & is going to ferry it back from the states for me! I ordered it 3 weeks ago & i havent heard if its been dispatched though which im slightly worried about! Pretty sure ill put it on a perfect blank wall in our bedroom - the bedroom is mostly neautrals so it should brighten it up a bit! Ill show you all a picture when its up (if it ever arrives!). In the meantime here are some other awesome examples of it brightening up a room!

Oh, & for those that havent seen this around the traps, its a poster designed by NYC designers Village that became a sensation after featureing on the cover of 'Domino' magazine.

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