Friday, September 10, 2010

Pretty In Pink - Wedding inspiration for my cousin Lucy!

My cousin Lucy (hello!) is getting married in January and hinted she'd like me to do a 'pink' inspired wedding post.
I wasnt surprised! Shes a real girly girl (& has a wardrobe almost entirely comprised of only Allanah Hill)! 
So Lucy ive been collecting 'stuff' that i think youd like!
Here is your giant pink post! 
Hope you find some things that inspire you!

Image: Tea Rose

Images: Once Wed via Ada & Darcy

Images: Polka Dot Bride

Image: Hostess Blog


  1. What a gorgeous post - there are so many images there I am drawn to, I don't know how to describe my favourite :) Love that first beautiful picture of the pretty dresses hanging up. I'm sure your cousin will be able to draw plenty of inspiration from here. Hope you have a lovely Friday and a great start to your weekend x

  2. Roms' dress was Tea Rose and from what she said, she was a delightful to work with on her wedding dress... Talk to Rom but I think she would highly recommend her!

    That vintage story board with the typewriter is gorgeous on another note... if only I had a groom... :)


    P.S. Fiji looked amazing- I have tan envy!

  3. Well if that doesn't get your cousin fired up and inspired I don't know what will. I loved that first image.

  4. So much pink prettiness in one post Sal! Love those Tea Rose dresses - they are absolutely divine. K xx

  5. think i got sorted sal... hey i want to get married again ... in pink!

  6. I am in love with this post!! So well done.



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