Monday, September 27, 2010

Mediterranean Bathroom Style

Happy Monday all!
After being roped in to do a 30km trail run/race on Saturday my legs are in a world of pain today! Only made it to the 19km checkpoint cutoff, but it was HARD (& i was secretly glad i had to stop there!!) Still, im crazy enough to think i might give it another crack next year (and maybe do a bit more training first ;) In any case my sore leggies could do with a soak in one of theses gorgeous tubs.

I just love these bathrooms for their natural simplicity & mediterranean feel (the top one is from a greek holiday house & the bottom one is from a residence in spain). Its just divine how the materials speak for themselves & its the smoothness of the stone/concrete make the room. Plus the colour in the top image is just to die for!


  1. I'll take that first one - do they call that colour Kitchenaid Blue? K xx

  2. 30km's that is madness!! You did so well though. Better get out the Epsom salts to pop in that bath. Ouchy! :)



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