Thursday, September 16, 2010

Please think of our Police today...

Today is a sad day in my household.
My boyfreind Ben is a policeman & worked with Constable Bill Crews who was fatally shot last week. The funeral is on as i write this. The community support seems to be amazing, but not always do people respect & admire our Polcie here in Australia.
I think today is a good reminder to us of the dangers our Police put themselves in every day, for little pay, so that we can all be safe. Please keep Bill Crew's family & all the NSW Police in your thoughts today


  1. Very sad Sal. I don't think the police get enough respect for the job they do. This definately reminds and highlights the dangers in their job xx

  2. What a tragedy that was.... So nice of you to write this post to remember him and all members of the police force. I agree that they don't seem to have the respect they should or once did.

  3. So terribly hubby is a fireman and his best mate is a NSW police officer, and it's always so tragic to hear of things like this. My heart goes out to his family right now. K xx

  4. I always feel for the families in these moments...full respect to the Austalian Police force they do a waonderful job and just because they want to. Some close friends are coppers and I know they definatley don't do it for the money.

  5. Lovely tribute my dear... I can't imagine how scary it must be for you having Ben in that line of work... x



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