Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sophie's French inspired bathrooms - Before.

Im back!.... i must say reality sucks! This time last week i was game fishing in Fiji & now im at my desk locked inside...Take me back to fijian paradise! Ill post some of my photos later this week - was a perfect tropical holiday in every way - had such a great time!
ok, back to it!
You might have noticed the bathroom tanget ive been on lately!
And remember my freinds bathrooms i was working on who was inspired by the simple & classic french styles? Well after much collaboartion & bargain hunting around Sydney her renovations have begun!! What were once small spaces cramped with plastic fittings, brown & gold tiles & shower screens will be transformed into still small, but classic, light spaces with neutral tones, framless glass, chrome fittings & some special textural details!

Here are the before photos!
A 70's/80's work of art ;)

The main bathroom......

 and the ensuite....

Stay tuned in the next few weeks for the 'afters'
I cannot wait to see it myself!


  1. You are such a tease....and so cruel! You know I love a good before and after, and now I have to wait to see the end result. So unfair! K xx

  2. Welcome back Sal!! Can't wait to see your holiday snaps AND the after shots on those bathrooms (-:



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