Monday, December 3, 2012

AW Emilie

Ive never been a shoe addict. However i have been a bag addict! 
Luckily for the bank account it was never high end designer bags (more the Witchery type!)
Earlier this year, for my 30th, my inlaws gave me the most divine soft yellow Marc Jacobs bag that i had been drooling over - you can really tell the quality, I've been using it everyday for almost a year & it has barely any signs of wear & no marks at all! So.....this leads me to the point! Yellow, as amazing as it is, doesn't always go with everything & i have found myself fawning over the Alexander Wang Emilie tote.
Be still my beating heart. (hello rose gold!)

Even though i wanted black, the dove grey is on sale at almost half the price.
Grey would also be a good neutral colour right?
Would love to hear anyones opinions on it who owns one - have heard they are heavy!
Need a bag that i can fit A4 things in for work & my i pad.


  1. Love, love, love it! Just curious, where's it on sale at?

  2. grey or white are the worst colours for showing wear and tear and keeping new looking! looks a beauty in pictures and will for about 1 week. I made this mistake and even with leather/water proofing prior to use, the light coloured leather looked trashed within a month.

  3. i have the black and i would 100% get the grey - heaven and totally a neutral x

  4. Michelle from "And this bag was, like, dancing with me" blog has the black Emilie & has written quite a few posts about it xxx



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