Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Wedding snaps part two - The Ceremony...

After stunning blue skies all day at about 3pm the storm clouds rolled in! We weren't going to let that stop us getting married outside, so we started slightly early (everyone was there & i finished getting dressed on my way over...and was on time!) We almost made it to the end when it started sprinkling with rain, umbrellas went up & we got though before the skies opened! 

Gorgeous girls

My mum walked me down the first part of the (very long) aisle...

And my step dad joined us for the 2nd half

I adore this photo - everyone looks so happy ;)

Blissed out!


  1. Sal I read your blog daily and I've been so excited to see some of your wedding photos! You looked amazing!! I love your dress (I got mine from KWH too!) Where did you get your bridesmaids dresses and the robes you got ready in? They are devine!! You look so happy, congrats to you and your hubby xx

  2. The images have captured your special day perfectly, congratulations!

  3. Kate, so sorry for the delay in replying to your questions!
    The bridesmaids dresses are actually from Witchery would you believe! I hunted high & low for something similar & walked in one day to see them hanging there!The robes are from Pretty Plum Sugar!



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