Monday, March 5, 2012

Wedding fragrance

Ben & i have both bought new fragrances to wear on our wedding day. I love the idea of wearing a new scent, so when you wear it in the future it reminds you of your wedding day :) Ben is wearing Verscace Man, which is really nice & fresh (he wears others from Versace at the moment) and I'm wearing Kai - it is seriously good! Smells just like gardenias in a freshly watered garden on a summer evening. You can get Kai at Mecca in Australia.


  1. I am an old fan of Kai, love it.
    Perfect for a wedding too, it lends itself to romance.


  2. You need to try the Kai body oil. Total game changer.

  3. Have a great wedding today! Hope all goes well for you.



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