Monday, March 26, 2012

Wedding snaps part one - Getting Ready...

Thought id show you some of the snaps from our wedding across a few posts this week! The night before we had a great casual dinner with everyone who'd come down the night before at the Berry Hotel, the bridesmaids convinced me to come back to the hotel & stay with them, so i kissed ben goodnight (ben, his brother & our parents all stayed in some converted stables at the venue) & headed back with them ( & a bottle of french bubbly!) I managed to not get a wink of sleep the night before the wedding & was wide awake all night - not ideal! It had been pouring with rain all week, then on the morning of the wedding the sun came out & it was magnificent all day....until about 3:30....the ceremony was at 4! On friday our photographer Marissa of 'The Simple Things Studio' sent us our official sneak peek of our photos! Ive included a mix of her amazing shots & some of my own to fill in the blanks :) Here's a few of the day we spent getting ready. First up some of my shots from earlier in the day:

The beautiful Terrara House Estate on the morning of the wedding

The divine 'Bridal Salon' where the girls spent the day

And with the blinds up - amaaaazing view to soak in all day! Very calming!

A visit from my Aunites! (& the tote bags i had made for everyone that was helping out on the day!)

My bridesmaid Sian & i doing a reccie of the ceremony area (& how squishy the grass was!)

 Bridesmaids hard at work on the 'art & craft' tying ribbons on all the jars to be hung in the tree's

And more DIY - my mum, bridesmaid aylie, mother & sister in law to be preparing flowers...

 My mum & dad - we let him into the 'ladies area' for a scone!

 Me & mum

My jewels - the aquamarine ring was my grandmothers & was my old, borrowed & blue :)
The brooch was Bens late grandmothers & i had it pinned to my bouquet.

My gorgeous bridesmaids

and now for the professional shots :)


  1. look absolutely amazing!! My Goodness..what a magnificent and truly beautiful day you must have looked picture perfect. Congratulations lovely x

  2. Gorgeous Gorgeous! I love your bridesmaids robes.. where did you get them?
    Fleur x

  3. What a beautiful day, what a stunning place.x

  4. What beautiful photo's. It looks like a magical day. Can't wait to see more photos.
    - Sally

  5. My biggest congratulations to you both.
    I love the shoes and the jewels, you can't beat a bit of bling!
    Gems x

  6. congrats!!!!! a girl after my own heart tule tule tule!!! You looked amazing Sal gorgeous interiors at the venue.

    xx M &E



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