Friday, March 23, 2012

Healthy Inspiration!

Post wedding ive been feeling more motivated (than pre wedding - go figure!) to get fit & healthy. I think all the stress of wedding planning & starting my own business ended up meaning i drank more (wine seems to calm the nerves!) & didn't make enough time for exercise (or make it a priority). With the epic cycling tour we have planned for our honeymoon....ahem...its called 'Climbs of the Tour de France' & is 9 days in the French Alps (im slightly afraid!), i REALLY need to crack down & get super fit. This morning i started my day with an hour jog with a few hills & need to make sure i get on my bike at least 3 times a week.  Ben & i are also going to get back into our hot yoga & try to go twice a week. Just sat down to see this post from Louise over at Table Tonic which has left me feeling super inspired!! Infact almost every day she posts some kind of yum salad or juice recipe....! Today she has come across Lorna Janes blog Move, Nourish, Believe - thanks for the tip off - ill be heading over there right now..... & might stick some of these piccies on my fridge! Most piccies below re-posted from Table Tonic & a few i found on  my quick trip over to move nourish believe - thanks for the inspiration!


  1. HA! I've literally JUST posted my April challenge for my readers, it's called Live Love Glow.

    Basically I'm challenging people to love their lives, respect what they eat and enjoy some exercise! Fun stuff!!!

    Great post lady.


  2. I hear you! Reading TT has definitely had that same effect on me lately! I've been soo conscious of what im eating and using. Great to see someone else inspired. Keep going! Feels great !

  3. One week into my healthier lifestyle challenge for myself...just the incentive I needed!! Happy Friday ~



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