Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wedding snaps part 3 - Portraits....

Now is the time to talk about our photographer, Marissa of 'The Simple Things Studio'.
I really don't need to say much other than as soon as we saw her work we knew she HAD to do our wedding...
Every time i look at these i love them more! 



  1. She did a great job Sal, I love your interaction with the horse and how you used the bike. xx

  2. 'Sigh' indeed Sal.
    You look beautiful.
    The photos are stunning.
    You both make a great couple.

    CONGRATULATIONS on getting married.

    Have a wonderful, wonderful married life.


  3. Such a gorgeous looking wedding and very beautiful photos!
    I LOVE your dress too - divine!
    Congrats on your wedding!
    Jess from Coco & Archie
    P.S. I saw you apartment in Real Living mag - you have fabulous taste, I thought it was a very stylishly decorated space!

  4. My Goodness ~ You looked absolutely AMAZING... just Gorgeous! Congrats to you both! Love your Blog and L.O.V.E your home ~ saw it in Real Living and jumped for joy when I saw it was yours! So cool! I can't believe you kept that secret for so long! xox

  5. The shot of the heels with the leaves just killed me. At first glance I thought, Whoa what kind of haute couture shoe wear is this?

  6. Oh Sal, they're all gorgeous. The grey stormy sky really makes those shots - wouldn't have been the same if it were sunny as it compliments the guys suits so well. I adore that last photo - what a stunning couple you make xx



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