Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surflodge Wedding

You might remember the 'pink' wedding post i did a while back here for my cousin. Well my cousin Lucy is getting married today & im pretty sure its going to be very pink! The groomsmen were given their pale pink ties with white polka dots at the rehearsal yesterday! Love a wedding so really looking forward to frocking up in my (impulse buy) camilla dress & heading off!
I also posted about the surflodge a while back & found this wedding held there! Totally loving the vibe of it! Cant even say what my favorite bit is - love it all, the style, flowers, bike, kinda wedding! Im off to the hairdresser! Ill share some of Lucys wedding photos soon ;)

 All images from Green Wedding Shoes


  1. That is a SUPER cute wedding! Love it all!
    Have a great time at the wed today and look foward to some pics - gotta love a wedding.

  2. this is adorable... thanks for such a great post... happy weekend..xx



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