Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Woohoo - its 2011 & i am feeling the vibe that its going to be a good one! Sorry ive been a bit slack on the xmas/new year posting but i have 5 weeks off work & am trying to get away from the computer as much as possible so forgive me if its only 'once every few days chic' for a few weeks ;)

This picture just makes me happy so im sharing it with you to kick off the new year! I have a few resolutions for this year that i thought id share cause once they are out there you can all hold me to them! this year i will;

1. Make sure i get out for some form of outdoor exercise every day even if it means i have to become a morning person! Which i struggle with.... Getting up at 7:30 or 8am is a-ok...gettting up at 5:30 to run before work aint one of my strong points! But if im going to stick to this ill have to do it in the morning before the excuses kick in!
Love this quote & this piece of art  - i have tried endlessly to see where i could buy this exact piece with no luck - anyone???

(paddle boarding in Tahiti however would get me out of bed at any time!)

2. Following on from 1 id like to have a crack at a half marathon &/or do a mountain bike race! Right now id struggle to run round the block & re the bike races,  I go to them every weekend with Ben as support crew and i reeeally want to try one myself! Problem is that im a bit of a wuss...mountain biking isnt for the feint hearted (or for people like me that struggle to get used to their feet being clipped onto the falling on my face...alot!)
Spent alot of time as 'support' crew last year, maybe this year he can do it for me! hehe

And Ben being interviewed by the ABC news after winning a race series 
(must have been the excellent support crew he had lol)

3. Focus on my business. This includes getting my website running & continuing on with a steady stream of new jobs & clients & making all of them happy. Whilst making time for point 1 & 2 & not letting my health suffer from working myself into the ground!

BUT most of all;


  1. Hi Sweety, tried to email you but for some reason cant access your email details.

    That print that you are after is the work of Artist Mae Chevrette, she has her own Etsy store.
    A very talented lady indeed...Im sure you will fall inlove with many other samples of her artwork.
    The Particular one you are afer is called " Wild Air, you can purchase prints...and even large canvas prints of this design.

    There is also another artist called Molly who does her own version of the same quote. Her site is called Mollytics.

    Hope this info helps....Happy New Year lovely.

    Anna x

  2. Hi Sal. Well done on the resolutions - they all sound achievable and fun. Like the last one. I think I might try that one too. Enjoy your time off and can't wait to see your new site up and running .. may 2011 be the YOS (year of Sal)!!!

  3. Check out for poster of "live in the sunshine..."
    Really like your blog. A Head - Jason's better half.

  4. Hi Anna! Thanks - nice to 'meet' you - maybe you can join me on resolution no 2? although im sure you are much smarter than me ;)



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