Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vitamin boosters

With this chilly weather setting in in Sydney i think some of us (ahem, me) might be in need of a vitamin boost! 
Loved this image - definitely inspired me to get the juicer out before i head off into the cold today!

Here are some other great combo's! I always add celery & lemon to my juices :)
A good tip is to buy your ginger from the local asian supermarket. It's so much cheaper than regular supermarkets. 
Also great for garlic, coriander & asian greens - last week i bought a bag of about 50 peeled garlic cloves for $1.99! 
Not that i put garlic in my juices, i put it in just about everything else though! 
And while your there, check out all the yummy wontons, dumplings, tofu & noodles - so easy to make your fav asian soups at home!

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