Monday, June 25, 2012


Ive probably posted this picture before, but was looking at it again & just love it. The morning after our wedding i found one of my bridesmaids bouquets inside the basket of the bike! She didn't realise she was allowed to keep it :)  Isn't it divine - i asked the florist, Michelle Collison at The Shady Fig in Nowra, for mostly white flowers with different textures & lots of fragrance. I am really affected by fragrance & will often recall events simply by a smell. Thanks to Michelle, i will forever remember our wedding day by the smell of gardenias & tuberose. We decided on the bold stripe grosgrain ribbon to modernise it a bit &I loved how she did it with huge thick trailing pieces. 
Not to mention the cute tags! They were intended to come off, but we they they were so fun we left them on!

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